I am a graphic designer with a unique background. With my experiences in working in the retail industry, it has given me an in-depth knowledge of customer interaction with in-store marketing and displays. It has given me an insight on how to create designs that solve the visual problem, while keeping the consumer in mind at all times. This has impacted the way I work as a designer and challenges me to find new creative solutions utilizing traditional formats or by thinking outside of the box.

For me, any design project should start with research, thumbnails, and roughs. Thumbnailing allows me to get my thoughts on paper quickly, while allowing me to explore the many possibilities for a project. Even while sketching out ideas, I begin to think about typography, imagery, and the technical aspects of prepping the files for print. I believe that a typeface can make or break a design, which is why I keep typography clean and simple to enhance legibility and comprehension. A few of my favorite typefaces include: Eurostile, Helvetic Nue, & Century Gothic.

When it comes to research, I use a variety of sources to inspire my design including: magazines, books, websites, and social media. Other sources can be triggers for the creative process and give me a new idea. These could be song lyrics, something that catches my eye while out and about, or even fashion. Many times, I utilize my own illustrations or photography for a project to have it truly reflect the vision and flavor of the design.

As a designer, my goal is to create the best possible solution to solve the visual problem. I enjoy working on a variety of projects including: print materials, package design, logo design, social media, & designing for the web.